Monday, September 19, 2005

Everybody needs God

She wouldn't crash her car on purpose, at least i don't think so. It seriously isn't like what you think.. there may have been quarrels and misunderstanding, but thank God she's strong. At least she still is strong, and i pray she'll always be. I know you care, or you wouldn't cry, right? You do not need that alternate lifestyle. I know. I used to live one like you do, and thus I know.
I don't know how long this peace can last, I hope it'll be forever. Break the sinful bonds, and come back, we're all waiting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Whatever happened to my flooble chatterbox??
Time to change to a new one i guess.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

10 days in thailand, and on the day i return, my modem has to spoil!
that makes it a grand total of 14 days without the internet. well, i got thru that well enuff... heh. no one to miss my absence.. aww..

hunky and i plan to rush straight to complete divemaster by this holidays. money's a big prob.
buy my butt pple!! support me!
think we may have to settle for rescue diver at most.

the deep gash in my foot still hurts with every step. its being pulled apart my my skin and it looks as if it's smiling at me with wide open lips.
smiling with wide open lips?!?! wat kinda stupid expression is that?!
now the sole of my foot looks weird. theres a 1mm deep, 5cm long defect on my sole.. yucks.

when i look at the song she posted on her blog, i suddenly felt so sad for the two of u..
is she confused?
are U confused?
i thot at least one week was a good period to settle things, u took one day.
hope u really are feeling as ok as what u claim to be. and u too.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Phantasy Star 4: the End of the Millenium
yeah man, this is the game i'm playing now. nope, enyi, it's not a porn game and it's not called phantasyporn4 or anything close. hehh..
anyone out there who actually plays RPG would know that PS4 is a classic! up there in the ranks together with the shining force series!
at least when it was released eons ago, it was the most -hip- game! like... woo.. the battle scenes are so cool! 5 of our characters on this side, with us looking at the back of their heads, and the monsters all lined up on the other side 5 metres away.

even the game makers of yesteryears know so much more about courtesy than Singaporeans. see, the monsters and heroes in phantasystar4 take turns to bash each other up. (turn-based ma) so class eh?? muz queue up to beat each other into pulp.
talking about courtesy, i realised that sometimes it isn't the young pple that lack it, but rather the old ladies on the mrt/bus. when the doors open, they'll swarm in b4 pple can get out. c'mon, what's the hurry? pple will give up their seats for u, juz act old and cough abit. i would definately give up MY seat if i see an old person board e bus or mrt, that is if i'm not acting as if i'm slping and oblivious to my surroundings, or totally -engrossed- in my book thats so not interesting that i didn't happen to look up and see the poor old lady struggling to stand uprite.

oo lemme blog about msia trip. nothing extraordinary. restoran ya wang and taman sri tebrau as usual. lolx.. didn't eat the red rubies this time tho :( and we went to a screwed up seafood stall this time, and got ripped of by a sneaky msian durian seller. !@#$!%

but! the most cock thing must be renjun's bakkwa la. ABC man!!! did u ever know that BAK KWA cannot be brought into singapore due to fear of transmission of NIPAH Virus?? i'm like.. !??!?! if i'm allowed, i'ld have used some hokkien vulgarities to express the magnitude of my disbelief. !@%$#%!!!!!
c'mon, bak kwa is harmless. juz because u ahmad police at the causeway dun eat pork doesn't mean we chinese can't bring pork into singapore rite?

ahmad corporal: eh boy, u canot bring in this sia!
renjun the toot: huh?? really?
ahmad corporal: eh dun confusing me sia. u wait, i talk to my superior.

ahmad corporal: eh sergeant, bbq pork can bring into singapore not?
ahmad sergeant: apa ini? why u ask me sia, u think i eat pork??
ahmad corporal: eh no laa.. allah know u and i dun eating pork sia. the toot chinese wanna bring in, can or not?
ahmad sergeant: do i look like i can think or make decision?? ask someone else sia.

ahmad corporal: eh sir, bbq pork can bring into singapore not?
old chinese officer: eh ahmad, dun talk cock can? of course can bring la. not as if the babi will eat u up.
ahmad corporal: eh sia la, but i told the toot kid cannot oredi, lidat no face man!
old chinese officer: u bodoh la, no use. forget it la, i ask him throw away. go back and work la, nothing to do dun talk so much.

thus ends the valient adventures of bobby the bak kwa. your deeds shall be remmbered for ages to come.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Guess who's back?
gasp! why is a tagboard and archives all pushed to the bottom??
never knew they were as shy as i am.
currently, i'm in the negative $600 zone, and trying hard to get myself back into the positives. well, everyone said, money's meant to be spent. i took it a step further and am spending money that isn't mine.

finally finished the 3rd OVA series of hunterXhunter, and that ends my 2 week run of vcds :)
if only i could have bungee gum like hisoka, i would attach one end to dickson, and the other to jinesh so they would forever be working tgt and get our medicamp settled.
or maybe to dickson the gay dancer and renjun the se bei bei, so they can caress each other while dancing red hot salsa.
if not, i would attach one end to a lamppost, and the other to bang's crotch. =) neverending arruba.

my brother alvin gave me a dive mask and snorkel!! well, i don't know why he suddenly bought me one, but thanks anyway!! blubb blubb... can't wait to go thailand! in fact, all the guys can't wait to go thailand!!
i can't wait to go dive and check out the sunfishes and hammers!
dehan can't wait to get out of singapore and all his misery [whatever they may be =( ]
dickson can't wait to go thailand and treat us for every meal!
hunky can't wait to go for fullmoon parties with halfnaked everyones!
renjun can't wait to check out the sexy trans and countless bahpohs that roam the thai coast!
bang can't wait to try out the 'special special' hehhehh...
"hello boss, you so handsome and muscular. how u want your hair cut??"
"erm, sloping sides and back, top a bit spikey cuz my gf likes it that way."
"okay no problem boss. you want a special to go with it?"

Be Magnified
I have made You too small in my eyes,
Oh Lord, forgive me
And I have believed in a lie,
That You were unable to help me
But now, oh Lord, i see my wrong,
Heal my heart and show Yourself strong
And in my eyes and with my song
Oh Lord be magnified
Oh Lord be magnified
Be magnified, Oh Lord
You are highly exalted
And there is nothing You can't do
Oh Lord my eyes are on You
Be magnified, Oh Lord, be magnified
I have leaned on a wisdom of men
Oh Lord, forgive me
And I have responded to them
Instead of Your light and Your mercy
But now, Oh Lord, I see my wrong
Heal my heart and show yourself strong
And in my eyes and in my song
Oh Lord be magnified
Oh Lord be magnified

Monday, April 18, 2005

Profs with a life
NUS profs from yong loolin sch of medicine shld start getting a life. all the profs there are old peeps that collect antique cameras or vintage cars.. spending all their time sitting in the canteen chatting over a cup of coffee. thats so boring!!
my bro's prof from smu actually plays dota with him everynite! how cool is that!
actually, its his prof, the prof's wife, and the prof's brother-in-law! wow!! and they even have cool nicks like "haremnojutsu" and "sexynojutsu"!!
i'm very certain if the medicine profs had to think of a nick, it'll be "zygomaticus" or something of that kind, and maybe, juz maybe, they'll be hanging arnd in irc trying to chat up some little girls, not knowing that their chat log will eventually be circulated around the whole sch and beyond!..
hmm.. i seem to have gotten all the stories all jumbled up into one. haha..